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Stop The Insanity! Sorting Out The Confusion

With the mass information readily available pertaining to the Tarot, you may find yourself at times overwhelmed by all of the methods, meanings, decks, books, techniques and layouts, and so forth. I know first-handedly that in the beginning something that should be somewhat easy to understand can easily turn into an total nightmare with the mass overload of information. Whether it's the Tarot specifically or any other endeavor in our life, we tend to follow suit with expected standards and as a result take something simple and turn it into a battle of our wills doubting ourselves and our abilities because that is how we have been "programmed" to react.

Subjects of controversy, ill-stereotyping and misrepresented automatically are deemed as being weird, strange, unacceptable and generally frowned upon by society at large but this all has been due to a lack of understanding the true nature of the Tarot. In other words, since antiquity the Tarot was deemed a negative, unnatural and rebellious subject matter that defied the church and government. As a result, anyone participating in the art of divination was considered fraudulent and the ability to divine future events or tell fortune's through divinatory methods was nothing more than a scam; which has negatively impacted Tarot readers throughout history and around the world currently.

Automatically there is apprehension or iffiness as to whether you should even be associated with such topics of interest. Then once the decision is made to give it a try, we tend to navigate towards a period of questioning ourselves and our abilities that seem to go against the grain of traditional viewpoints. The battle of proving to ourselves what we feel, intuit or divine from symbols, Tarot or other divination tools is worth listening to or accurate information can lead to a lot of confusion, anxiety and deepening fearful emotions regarding the validation of our own self. In reality, in this way, we are given the opportunity to release things within us that no longer serve a purpose and help to transform our life in more positive, healing and peaceful ways.

So, how can I sort out the confusion and stop the sanity; you may be asking. The Path of the Tarot is actually an intricately woven tapestry that provides insight into your life path through various levels and aspects of yourself. The word Tarot (also referenced as being spelled Torah) means Life. The Path of the Tarot quite literally is The Path of Life artistically displayed throughout the images of the Major and Minor Arcana.

With this in mind, gather some quiet time to yourself and set down with your deck in a relaxed and receptive state. Gaze into each card and see the reflection of your life and journey displayed before you throughout the cards. This is a helpful exercise if the cards are placed in order according to their suit and original order (follow the book to put it back in order if need be)in order to more fully understand the intricate design that has been woven into the Tarot that reflect and represent your life in this way we learn to see beyond the illusion into the true nature of the card's original intent and meaning.

The more you work with the Tarot the more efficient you will become. Have faith in yourself and trust in the process that is unfolding before you and see yourself reflected with the Tarot. By doing so, it will greatly enhance your intuition, improve your divination skills and boost your self confidence. Patience is a virtue, through patience and diligence we begin to see the threads of the intricate tapestry that is your life that has been woven tightly awaiting you to pull the chord to unravel and reveal it's underlying meaning and purpose. When you look within the Tarot, you are looking within yourself. The Tarot becomes a mirror image of your life. Through it you can positively transform your life and enhance your understanding of life through The Path of the Tarot.

To Your Divinatory Success!

Leslie Fulger
Tarot Site Editor

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