Difficult Tarot Readings

Difficult Tarot Readings
Learning to read Tarot is an ongoing process. I have been doing Tarot readings and teaching Tarot for over forty years. But, I still gain insights and new techniques every time I do a reading or use a new deck of Tarot cards.

Tarot relies on your individual intuitive skills as well as on the symbolism of the cards. You can do the same exact layout with the same cards in the same positions and yet come up with a different interpretation for each person that you are reading for. Listening to your intuition is a vital part of doing any Tarot reading.

Most people who come to you for a reading are doing so in order to gain some insight into their life pathway. And, most likely, they are also people who you know on at least a friendship level. But occasionally, you may be asked to read for someone who is a complete stranger.

Beginning readers don't always have the confidence in their ability to simply interpret what they are seeing and feeling. They depend upon the facial expressions and body language of the person they are reading for clues as to whether they are on the right track. Oftentimes this is a good indicator and can be helpful if there is a card that might be offering two possible interpretations.

But, there are also people out there in the world that want to disprove anything you have to say. They are the skeptics and the nay sayers. They don't believe in the Tarot process and are only there to prove to their friends and the rest of the world that Tarot is just a bunch of hocus pocus.

Generally you will recognize these folks by the smirk on their face as well as their crossed arms on their chest. No matter what you say, they may shake their head or snicker.

This behavior on their part will only cause to frustrate and confuse any Tarot reader, no matter how much experience they may have doing readings. My advice is to simply lay down the cards, take a deep breath and calmly say that you are sorry, but you will not be doing a reading for him or her today. If they have any other comments smile your way through them.

Always remember that YOU are in charge any time you are doing a reading. No one deserves to be belittled or humiliated. Keep your confidence, listen to your intuition and move forward. There are more than enough people who actually WANT to hear what you have to say.

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