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Consider if you will, the Tarot cards being likened to a crystal ball. Each card represents 78 individual puzzle pieces that make up the "big picture" that is your life path. And like images that appear within a crystal ball in bits and pieces, the Tarot works much in the same way. Each card denotes elements, influences and energies that are at play at the time the cards are being consulted.

Each card usually reflects various aspects or a combination of aspects simultaneously; such as, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical circumstances, limitations, attitudes, behaviors and so forth. The key is to recognize what symbolic representations reflect what aspects of our lives. In doing so, this will substantially help you interpret the cards and perceive a much more detailed reading; as opposed to just going off what the books say and often reflecting vague and limited information.

I cannot stress enough the importance of learning how to get away from the book and familiarize yourself with as much symbology as possible. This has been the greatest benefit for learning and understanding the Tarot for me personally. And believe me, I've tried every possible method available and none have even come close in comparison to the wealth of knowledge that is possible through your average Tarot-related resources.

It took me about 15 yrs. worth of studying the Tarot, symbology, a vast array of cultures, belief systems, religious viewpoints (theology), astrology, psychology, numerology, anthropology, ecology, and a whole myriad of other metaphysical and higher mind/science topics before I truly saw the potential and purpose behind the Tarot. Once everything finally clicked for me personally, it opened a whole new world of understanding and I think that with patience, perseverance and diligent study you will experience a similar outcome positively.

Granted each person is different and their learning style is unique and individualized, as well as, the true study of the Tarot. Typically, we tend to learn only what is taught us and most often, that information has been handed down by another source and it extends throughout the ages being taught with various methods, styles and viewpoints according to the "popular belief" associated with the cards' interpretation.

Well, since we can only teach what we have been taught ourself, it's no wonder we have a ton of the same material flying around the internet. The mass majority of that material you will find is mass produced with a few variations were and there in regards to the meaning of the Tarot, effective layouts, etc. Very rarely do you come across the true purpose, intent and journey that exists within the The Path of the Tarot which ultimately is a tool for self discovery and enhancing your innate talents and abilities. The Tarot is such an effective tool that you may find that the cards them self become the teacher while opening your mind and helping you to utilize your intuition in such a way that the symbols, images and hidden meanings of the cards reveal themselves to you freely.

To Your Divinatory Success!

Leslie Fulger
Tarot Site Editor

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