The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon Tarot Card
As the Fool continues his journey he begins to think about his past. He ponders about how much his life has changed since he started out. He was an innocent and naive boy when it all began. He has been through a lifetime of happiness, harmony, love, motherhood, fatherhood, and marriage. And, on the flip side of the Tarot coin, he has been through fear, anxiety, confusion, loss, sorrow and addiction.

His time spent with Starlight near the Star pond had allowed him to purge out some of his deepest emotions. He feels much better physically, emotionally and spiritually now. But, there is still something lingering at the back of his mind. It feels like a shadow from the past is ever present. He senses it there waiting to leap out and cause him more sorrow and pain.

It is twilight by the time the Fool reaches the edge of the Forest once again. He realizes that he has walked entirely around his world. He is now standing in the forest which will lead him back to the cliff where his journey first began.

Feeling tired and still a bit drained from his experiences, he lays down on the soft carpet of dried pine needles. His little dog Wisdom curls up next to him and soon both of them are sound asleep and dreaming.

Wisdom dreams of chasing squirrels through forest glades and warm summer days spent following her master through the Land of Tarot.

The Fool dreams of the Moon. He is laying beside a pool in a strange land. At the edge of the pathway beside him are two animals. One is a dog and one is a wolf. The dog represents his loyal, dedicated and tamed nature, while the wolf represents his primal, untamed and wild nature. The two are in constant battle, howling and barking at the moon overhead.

We all own these two distinct sides of our mind and our nature. The conscious mind is logical and opinionated, while the subconscious mind is primal and always operation in survival mode. It depends upon our ever changing circumstances as to which side we choose to follow.

The Moon is mysterious, shadowy and dimly lit, unlike the sun which is warm and bright. It controls the tides of the massive oceans keeping the rhythms of life below the depths alive. And, it serves the same purpose in our bodies, which consist of 90% water. It controls our moods and our bodily rhythms. There is factual evidence that there are more cases brought into the emergency rooms during the full of the Moon.

We thrive in the sunlight, soaking up it's warmth and rays. We sleep under the moon in the darkness. That is where we dream. And dreams are the gateway to our subconscious mind. Here in the dreamworld we face our deepest fears, solve our problems and receive messages from our subconscious mind.

Studies show that people who are deprived of REM, which is the state of mind in which we dream, are very likely to suffer from physical and emotional side effects. These range from anxiety to eventual psychosis. Dreams are vitally important to our continued mental wellness.

The Fool dreams about his life. He sees the mistakes he has made as well as the difference he has made in all the lives that he has touched on his journey so far. His shadow self emerges from his dream body and howls in anger and fear along side the wolf. The dog sits and watches in silence until the Fool's dream self reenters his sleeping body.

The Fool awakes feeling completely drained. But, the shadow that has been plaguing him is now totally gone. He feels purged and renewed.

If the Moon appears in your reading, it is time to face the truth. All negativity has a source. Once you have found the source of your anxiety you can work on healing. Sometimes the truth can be very painful to accept, especially if it has been hidden behind denial for a very long time.

The subconscious mind holds memories that the conscious mind has forgotten or hidden. Once those memories are unlocked and placed in the light of the Sun, they can be seen for what they really are.

Playing the "what if" game on a regular basis is not the way to lead a rich and happy life. Being in the moment in "what is" mode will lead to a better and more satisfying life.

And, the Fool walks forward once again, disappearing into the forest.

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