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Receiving Accurate Messages From Tarot

One of the biggest challenges people face with Tarot initially is learning to let go enough to receive genuine answers. At times, there is a tendency to read what we want or expect to see into the cards, rather than to view them objectively. Other times, anxieties take over and can cloud a reading because fears come through rather than truths or objective ideas.

So how do you know if you are getting genuine guidance and really tapping into your intuition? First of all, when you do a reading, you should do it with the pure intention of seeing the truth in the situation. If you find you often have to do more clarification cards or are tempted to rephrase the same question and ask it repeatedly, chances are you may not being doing the most objective readings in the first place. Secondly, you have to be truly willing to see the truth in a situation, even if it isn't comfortable.

Clear Your Mind

When we meditate, we do so with the intention of clearing the mind to keep our thoughts from interfering with a deeper connection with our higher guidance. Tarot reading is essentially the same. Before doing a reading, take several minutes to still the mind and to quiet your thoughts. Sometimes it helps to do some free-writing first so that you can give an outlet to your fears, hopes, and anxieties. Once they have been released onto the page, your mind is better able to let go and be receptive to new information. Once you have prepared yourself, focus on a mantra while shuffling and drawing your cards.

Most people tell you to focus clearly on your question while drawing the cards, however if it's a particularly emotionally charged question, doing this may actually cause your mind to race and lead to an inaccurate reading or interpretation of your cards. Instead, state your question clearly and release it. As you shuffle and draw focus on a mantra that you create that states your intention. I'll share an example.

I use an acronym for the word “Twilight”. I love twilight because it represents the serene space just between darkness and light – a sort of middle ground. It reminds me of finding my center. The Mantra I use is:

Highest (good)

Yes, truth is used twice for a reason. I want all of my answers to be encircled in truth and to embrace all the other qualities listed. Twilight and the words that make up the acronym allow me to focus on something neutral and pull a higher vibration into the reading. I do this when I draw cards for myself as well as for clients. It occupies the part of the mind that is prone to wander and it declares my intentions to embrace truth and honest guidance lovingly and without judgment.

You should come up with your own mantra that works to help you focus. Something that brings your mind to neutral center so that when you shuffle, pull and read the cards you are doing so from a detached place of wisdom and knowledge – like the Priestess. (She is my favorite card for good reason)

Readings approached like this are more accurate. They are sometimes more difficult to face also, because when we embrace truth, truth is what is revealed to us. Look at every reading as an opportunity for more knowledge and enlightenment, even when they aren't necessarily what you expect or want to see. This leads to an open mind and heart and what follows are doors to more opportunities that may not have been opened to you otherwise.

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