The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun Tarot Card
The Fool wanders through the forest with his dog Wisdom by his side. He has been through a long and tiring journey. But, he has also learned a lifetime of lessons through his interactions with the Major Arcana personalities.

He knows the end of his journey is almost at hand. He can see the cliff where he began his journey looming in the distance. As he ponders on his future, he walks from the dim light of the Moon into the bright warmth of the Sun. The forest has disappeared behind him, and in it's place is a beautiful garden. The flowers are in full bloom and the air is sweet and clean.

The Fool collapses on the ground in the midst of the garden, basking in the healing warmth of the Sun. The Sun represents life, balance, and the natural rhythms of nature. It also represents the conscious mind in balance with the subconscious mind. Thoughts and emotions are evenly balanced and harmony reigns.

The Fool is startled out of his reverie by the sound of hooves coming down the garden pathway. A white horse appears with a small child on it's back. The child is giggling gleefully, hands outspread without fear of falling. The horse represents purity and the child innocence. To be without fear and to see life through the eyes of a child is the goal of enlightenment. The whole setting of the Sun has the feel of perfect balance and joy.

The horse stops beside the Fool and beckons for him to climb on. The Fool feels himself magically transported onto the horse with the child. With arms outspread they travel through the garden simply enjoying the beauty and the warmth. The Fool is rejuvenated, healed, and reborn.

The Fool and Wisdom spend many days in the garden with the child. There are no worries or cares. The Sun is always shining and time does not exist. The Fool is happy and healthy and carefree.

The lesson he learns from the child and the Sun is to slow down and relax. He needs this time to regroup, recoup and reorganize his thoughts before he moves forward once again.

If the Sun appears in your layout, it is telling you to rest and relax. You may have been through some rough times recently and you deserve a reward. It is time to visit a place that makes you feel happy and recharged. Too many times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to take the time to literally stop and smell the roses. It is time for a cruise, a vacation, or simply a few hours away from your everyday routine. You, and those around you will all benefit from your break away.

The Fool gathers up his belongings, calls to Wisdom, and starts out on his way once again.

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