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Tarot Time Frames

When doing Tarot readings, I tend to focus the reading itself to a specific time frame, such as “What surrounds my career for the next six months”? This is an easy way to get a basic idea of when you might expect certain things to unfold, particularly if you draw a card for each month. Sometimes, it isn't always feasible to form your question around a time frame. In those instances, the cards themselves often give clues as to when you might expect something to happen.

Major Arcana cards tend to represent important events and are more likely to speak of things unfolding now or likely to occur very soon. The Ace's speak of individual seasons and the natural progression from one season to another. The Ace of Wands speak of autumn so typically September through November. The Ace of Cups is summer June through August. The Ace of Swords represents the winter months December through February and finally, the Ace of Pentacles the spring months of March through May.

In Tarot, the court cards are represented by the different signs of the zodiac which makes them useful not only for showing personality traits of others, but also for potential time frames. For example, the Queen of Cups represents the sun sign Scorpio which runs from October 23 – November 21. When drawing clarification cards for time frames, if a court card comes up refer to its corresponding astrology sign to get a general idea of timing.

The exception to the court cards are the Knights. When Knights come up, particularly if there is more than one in a spread, it indicates events that are likely to change suddenly and without warning. If you are prepared for sudden changes, it can lead to further opportunities when you keep an open mind and heart. Often Knights lead to happy surprises. When they show up in reverse, it can indicate you are not being proactive enough to bring a goal to fruition.

List of Court Cards & Corresponding Astrological Signs

Other techniques for timing include using Numerology. With Minor Arcana cards, the numbers on the card tend to represent a range of days, weeks, or months. This will be easier to determine based on the question itself. If you see a particular number come up several times, or if a range of numbers seems to stand out strongly, this can be a possible time-frame indication.

Typically in Tarot, I like to keep a focus more on the events and lessons behind the stories than actual time frames. I believe that when we work towards a goal, the Universe itself has a way of delivering that to us when the time is right. The most important purpose of the cards is not to tell you this will happen on that day, it is to show you the likely direction your path is taking, so that you can make choices based on that information. This empowers the querrent to focus on the most important elements of a reading – choice and flexibility.

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