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Voltron Volume 6

Voltron Volume 6 is a three-disc DVD set that includes the first 18 episodes of the Vehicle Voltron series. It is packaged in a box that features Jeff's vehicle on the front. The first disc contains six episodes, extras, and trailers. The second and third discs contain six episodes and extras.

While Lion Force Voltron and Vehicle Voltron both feature transforming robots, they were originally two different series in Japan (Beast King GoLion and Dairugger XV). When World Events Productions brought these shows over and dubbed them into English, they tried to create a connection between the two series. While Carl Macek did a similar thing for Robotech, the way World Events tried to make the connections felt a lot more forced.

When it came to Vehicle Voltron, the dubbed episodes did not originally air in the same order as the Japanese episodes, so this caused a lot of issues to arise when the episodes were put back into the original Japanese airing order. Character motivations and reactions would flip back and forth between episodes, and the overall story is much more muddled than in Lion Force Voltron.

When it comes to the DVDs, you can watch the episodes in 2.0 Stereo or in a 5.1 Digital Surround Mix. You can also play all of the episodes in order, or you can use the "Scene Access" option to choose which episode to watch, and where in the episode you want to start watching.

On the first disc, the extra is labeled as "Team Up Clip." This feature runs for one minute and seven seconds, and it takes footage from the Fleet of Doom special (where Lion Force Voltron and Vehicle Voltron team up together), and set the footage to the opening theme music for Voltron. Personally, I thought this extra was a waste. There are also trailers included on this disc for Alteil, GoLion, and GaoGaiGar.

The extra on the second disc is labeled as "Vehicle Voltron Pilot." This is the original pilot for Vehicle Voltron, and lasts for about 23 minutes. The beginning is much different from the aired first episode, and incorporates a lot of the footage from the Dairugger XV opening credits, with a voice-over done by Peter Cullen (the voice for Commander Hawkins). While this provided a lot of background information, it made for a rather boring viewing experience.

Once the actual story gets going, it's a lot closer to the actual first episode. However, some of the voices are different, some of the character names are different, some of the dialogue is different, and not all of the music overdubs are in it.

The third disc contains two special features. The first is "Vehicle Featurette." This runs for about five minutes, and includes interviews with Jeremy Corray, Executive Producer Peter Keefe, Story Editor Marc Handler, Director Franklin Cofod, and World Events President Ted Koplar.

It's very interesting to note that Peter Keefe tried to give a revisionist history for Vehicle Voltron, which is not only contradicted by interviews Peter himself gave in the Lion Force featurettes, but is also contradicted by interviews done by others that appear after Peter's interview. Basically, Peter was trying to make it appear that Vehicle Voltron was less of a "failure" than it really was. This featurette also goes into why Lion Force was more popular than Vehicle, and why Vehicle Voltron is still a "must see" series.

The other feature on the third disc is "Vehicle Voltron Fans Unite." The introductory voice over done by Jeremy Corray includes an inaccuracy in it; he claims that the first Vehicle Voltron episode aired in November 1984, but according to the airdates in the booklet, the first Vehicle Voltron episode aired in September 1984. The September date also matches what I remember; the first seven episodes of Lion Force Voltron aired that September, and then, instead of an eighth Lion Force episode, the first episode of Vehicle Voltron aired instead. After the introduction, the feature highlights select quotes from the Voltron.com forums. The feature runs for about five minutes.

Personally, I would only recommend this set to either die-hard fans of both Voltron series or to die-hard fans of Vehicle Voltron.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of this DVD set that my husband and I purchased.

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
In Search of New Worlds
First Day on a New World
Building a New World
Goodbye New World
Try This World for Size
A Storm of Meteors

Help Not Wanted
Ghost Fleet From Another Planet
A Very Short Vacation
Planet of the Bats
A Temporary Truce
Wolo's Lost World

Planet Stop for Repairs
A Curious Comet
In the Enemy Camp
Who's On First
No, Who's on Second
What's On First?

Bonus Features

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