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Overview of the Swords Court Cards

Overview Swords Court Cards

In the Tarot the court cards represent various personality characteristics and types of people. Each Page, Queen and King is associated with a sign of the zodiac so they can also be useful for determining time frames in readings as well. Previously, we looked at Wands and Cups court cards which are linked below. Now we'll explore the active, passionate Swords court cards.

In Tarot, Kings and Queens represent leadership, accountability and reaching one's fullest potential. Each one speaks to a specific set of talents and strengths. When they come up in abundance for a reading that is personal in nature they can speak of traits you need to develop to best reach your goals. Many reversals may indicate a need to take more responsibility for ones actions or to empower oneself more. In the case of swords, which are the suit of taking action, this message is particularly important. Reversed swords can indicate a need to not procrastinate, but to also plan carefully and proceed with all the facts.

Below is a list of the swords court cards with the sign and personality traits they are most identified with. There are some variances of course depending on the deck you use. For example, some decks have pages and knights while others feature a prince and princess. Meanings do vary slightly, and of course as you learn to read Tarot you will likely come up with your own impressions of the personalities that these cards carry as well.

Page of Swords: Pages represent youthfulness, learning, and having an open mind. They often come up around study or more symbolically during periods in life where you are being given the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself. This particular page is represented by the sign of Taurus. This page is practical and analytical by nature. This is someone who lives by the phrase “seeing is believing” and they want tangible, visual results in all they do. People with this sign tend to be drawn to careers that are either hands on like construction, mechanics, etc. or to careers where they can see results in what they do. Consultants, salesmen, negotiators are some ideas of people who may have this card. Page of Swords can sometimes be very headstrong and impatient. They want results “now” and tend to fall victim at times to their impatience, rushing or pushing ahead at times when it would be best to wait. People with this card are very intelligent, practical, problem solvers.

Knight of Swords: Knights are not associated with zodiac signs because they represent conditions that are changeable and sudden. This particular Knight typically comes up when action and movement are quick and sudden. Sometimes this means a sudden surge in energy that can be of benefit. Other times it can speak of blindly rushing ahead no holds barred. Whenever this Knight comes up, it means it's a great time to develop initiative and energy, to take action on ideas. He also warns us of the difference between taking decisive action vs reacting or overreacting to what is going on around us. This card reminds us to embrace changes and upheavals from a proactive place.

Queen of Swords: This queen represents someone who is all business. She is extremely intelligent, scientifically minded and highly analytical. She can see straight to the heart of the matter and is able to cut away any influence that halts progress or stifles growth. This queen can represent discernment and objectivity when properly balanced, when improperly balanced she can be cold, rigid, and too much a perfectionist. The Queen of Swords is represented by the sign of Virgo. People with this card love research, learning, deep thinking and tend to be focused on growth and personal development. Some career paths people with this card might be drawn to are science fields, researcher, investigation, editing and computer programming.

King of Swords: This king is represented by the sign of Libra, making him a fair and just leader who is very perceptive and sensitive to others. This is someone who is often drawn to fields that protect and serve the public and many people with this card are first responders, doctors, nurses, counselors etc. This king represents those who are compassionate, but very able to see both sides of a story. They are naturally drawn to view all angles and be flexible. As such, some find them to be changeable and indecisive. In all honesty, their back and forth nature really means they are complex thinkers who see all the gray areas between polarities. When properly balanced a King of Cups has an excellent blend of both compassion and objectivity that allows them to be of good service to others. At times, people who have this card get too caught up in the lives of others however and will neglect their own needs or make excuses for those they love. They can be prone to manipulation and passive aggressive behaviors when improperly balanced.

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