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Herbal Medicine

What do you think of when you hear “herbal medicine”? It is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot when discussions turn to herbs and ailments. What is so unique about herbal medicine? What makes it different from what you get at the drug store?

Herbal medicine is medicine from herbs. It is as simple as that. Where did the people of Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece go when they got sick? Their version of a doctor was someone knowledgeable of nature and how it could benefit them. They looked for help from the world around them.

Herbs have chemicals in them. Too many people think that chemicals are all bad for you and are man-made. Study chemistry and you learn that chemicals are all around you. They take different forms and react in different ways to substances. That is why herbs can be used for medicinal purposes and should be used properly.

Herbal medicine is using plants and trees to help your body heal. It takes natural substances and works hand in hand with your body. Thousands of years of herbal knowledge has been passed down on how to use herbs properly.

How can you use herbal medicine? How can you benefit from it?

Be knowledgeable – Do not just begin taking any herb you hear about or someone recommends. Not everyone who gives you tips will have the knowledge needed to use them correctly. There can be many adverse reactions to herbs. Some herbs should not be taken by anyone with high blood pressure. Others react badly with over the counter or prescription drugs. If taken incorrectly, some can kill. When used right, they can work wonders.

Respect – Treat herbs with respect. Though they can be used in culinary dishes and crafts, they are also strong medicines. Take good care of your herbs and take them properly.

Open your mind – Herbs can treat almost anything. Not all herbs work the same with people. Be willing to correctly try new herbs. Do not think that you can only use herbs in teas. There are many ways to use herbs and you need to be willing to give them a try.

Why should you give herbal medicine a thought? Because research is showing that all the folklore and myths of herbs might be true. Scientists are discovering that herbs can work in many situations. What great-grandma said was not just hocus-pocus. When are they going to learn to not ignore grandma?

Do not think that herbs can cure everything. Like all medicinal items, it can be trial and error. Discuss any herbs with a certified herbalist or even a doctor that is knowledgeable in the area. Do not just take Aunt Jane’s advice or your neighbor’s. Research and use correctly.

What is herbal medicine? A way to look to nature instead of pharmaceutical companies to treat everyday issues. A way to get back to our roots.

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