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Paint Shop Pro Color Replacer Tool

Project Information: Skill level: Basic CorelR JascR Paint ShopTM ProR 9 General tips

In this tutorial you will learn how to change one color within an image to a different color using the Paint ShopTM ProR Color Replacer tool.

The inspiration for this tutorial came from my sister who teaches art to children at the Lake Wales Arts Center in Florida. She was making some handouts for her class and wanted to add a few clipart images to her document. She had no trouble importing the images into her document. But the clipart didn't blend seamlessly into the page as she wanted. As it turns out, the background color of the clipart images was not the same color as the background color she was using for the document. She wanted to keep the background color of the word document, so she needed to change the background color in the clipart images. This would have been easy if the background color of her word document was a standard color such as white, but it wasn't.

So what to do? First you need to identify the background color (the RGB values) for the word document. Because there are many types of word processing programs and the way to set the background color for a document is different for each program, I will discuss a way to "grab" the RGB values using Paint Shop Pro. After you get the color value you can change the background color of the clipart images to match.

Step 1. Print Screen. The easiest way to find the RGB values for the word document is to "grab" a picture of it using the Print Screen function on your computer. Open your word program and open the document into the program. Click on the PrtScrn key on the top row of your keyboard. You won't see anything happen but you have just taken a picture of everything on your computer screen.

Step 2. Paste into Paint Shop Pro. Next you will paste the picture you have just taken into the Paint Shop Pro program. Open the program and click Edit > Paste As New Image. You should now have an image that is a picture of everything on your desktop including the opened word document.

Foreground and Background Solid Color Boxes

Step 3. Grab the RGB values of the word document. Click on the Background Solid Color Box (version 7) or the Background Materials Box (version 8) at the top of the workspace. This will open the Color dialog box. Now hold your mouse pointer over the part of the picture that is the background area of the word document. The mouse pointer will change to a dropper. Now click once to copy the background color into the Background Solid Color Box. Finally click OK to close the Color dialog box.

Step 4. Grab the RGB value of the clipart image. Click on the Foreground Solid Color Box or the Foreground Materials Box and repeat step 3 for the background color of the clipart image.

Color Replacer Tool

Step 5. Color Replacer. Now the only thing left to do is to change the color of the background in the clipart image. Click on the icon for the Color Replacer tool. Hold your mouse pointer over the background area in the clipart image and right click twice.

Step 6. Save as a new image. You want to save the clipart image with this new background color. Click File > Save As and rename the image. You can now import this new image into your word document and the backgrounds should blend seamlessly.

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