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Text On A Path With Paint Shop Pro 7

Project Information: Skill level: Intermediate CorelR JascR Paint ShopTM ProR 7 General tips

This tutorial will show you how to create text on a curve or path using Paint Shop Pro 7. You can create this text to follow any shape or path that you choose. Also, you can add this text to an existing image or create the text on a transparent layer which can be added to any image at a later time.

Step 1. Open or start a new image. If you are adding the text to an existing image, open this image into the Paint Shop Pro workspace (File > Open). If you are not using an existing image, then you will want to start a new image with a transparent background. (File > New).

Preset Shapes Tool
Step 2. Draw the path for the text to follow. The easiest way to draw the path for your text is to use the Preset Shapes tool. Click on the icon for this tool and choose any preset shape from the Tool Options Palette. Your text will follow the shape of the outside edge of the preset shape that you will draw. Note that we will remove this preset shape after we have created the curved text and it will not become part of the finished image. After you choose a shape to use, put a checkmark in the box next to Create as Vector in the Tool Options Palette so that this shape will automatically be drawn on a new layer.


Click and drag to draw the preset shape. Remember that the text will follow the path along the outside edge of this shape. If the shape is not in the correct position, click on the shape and drag it into place. In the example image, I am using the Ellispe preset shape to draw a white colored ellispe which will cause the text to follow along the circular shape of the moon on the layer below.

Text Tool
Step 3. Add the text. Now you are ready to add the text to your image. Click on the icon for the Text tool. Place your mouse pointer over the edge of the preset shape that you drew. When the "A" changes to a slanted A, you know you are in the correct spot. Click on that spot to open the Text Entry Dialog Box.

Click on the Standard Text button in the Text Entry Dialog Box. Then set the color, style, etc for your text. In the "Create As" section choose Floating and Antialias. Now click OK and your text will appear floating along the outside edge of the preset shape. On the Menu Bar, click Selections > Promote to Layer to place the floating text on a layer of its own.

Step 4. Remove the preset shape. From the Layers menu on the Menu Bar, select Layer 2 at the bottom. Next, go to the Layers menu again and click on Delete. The preset shape will disappear and only the text will be left.

Mover Tool
Step 5. Position your text. If the text is not already in the right position on top of your image, use the Mover Tool to reposition the text.

Step 6. Final details. If you are using a pre-existing image, you may want to merge all the layers together. Click Layers > Merge > Merge All Flatten. If you are not using a pre-existing image, your text should be on a transparent layer and is now ready to copy and paste into another image or to be saved for a later time.

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