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99 Nights Walkthrough
Inphyy - Inphyy's Attacks

Some of Inphyy's attacks are really great - it's a good idea to try them all!

Level 1
crimson impact - 1 - orb attack x
crimson nova - 1 - orb attack y
wing ring - xy
mistal attack xxxx
double fang xxyy
dancing sword yyy
sword slash yx
stamping a
rising slash RT x
bloody storm mid-jump xx
red rising mid-jump y
stamping needle - headstomp x
stamping dance headstomp y
red break yyyxx

Level 2
air blade mid-jump xy
bloody rose xyy
bloody sword xxxy
bloody moon xxxyy
impact attack yyx
dancing sword yyyy
scarlet break yyyxxx
impact slash - when stabbing x
crimson moon mid-jump xxxx

Level 3
fang slash xxyyy
mistal attack xxxxx
crimson break yyyxxxx
rising break RT y
impact break while stabbing y

Level 4
needle slash xyyx
ring fang xxyyx
scarlet symphony xxxyy
scarlet spiral xxxyx
bloody slash yyyxxxy
vermillion moon jump xxxxx
high jump mid-jump a
bloody cyclone mid-double jump x
red rising mid-double jump y

Level 5
scarlet prelude xxxyyy
vermillion full moon mid-jump xxxxxx

99 Nights Walkthrough

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