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Animal Crossing Walkthrough
Random People

Mable and Sable are the Able sisters. With them, you can design your own designs and put them on walls, outfits, umbrellas. Others can buy it too! Very cool!

For visiting people, the Copper often knows when they're around. Check with him to find out.

Here are some notes about people who 'pass through' randomly.

Joan Turnips - sunday mornings. can buy & then sell turnips for profit
Katrina the fortune teller - random for a day - tells you your luck rating.
Gracie Fashion - has a car - use A to clean. Get clothing.
Totakeke Musician - Saturday nights at train station. Can add songs to your collection.
Saharah sells carpets - randomly for a day. wants cash.
Gulliver the sailor - talk to him - he gives you random item. Hangs out on beach.
Crazy Redd - randomly for a full day. Has cool items.
Wendell has wallpaper - random for a day. He likes fish.
Wisp - midnight to 4. Ghost wants you to collect 5 ghosts with net.

Animal Crossing Walkthrough

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