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Brain Age Walkthrough -
Word Memory

This is a cool game. You are shown 30 words and have a few minutes to try to memorize them. Once that time is up, they are all erased from the screen. Then you have to write down as many as you can remember. Every word is always a 4-letter word.

My trick here is to put them into 3 word groups and to form a mental image about that set. So say the first three words on the list are:


I would make a mental image of a group of cats jumping up onto a cart. I try to "chain" each image into the next, so that perhaps the next set of three might be


I would imagine that those cats saw a fire and were yelping for help. It really does work pretty well!

You have to learn how to WRITE the words, because it can be very frustrating to know the word and to not be able to write it down properly. The four boxes should get 1 letter each in them. The dashed line across the center (horizontally) is for you to write on. Letters with "tails" like y and g should have their tails below that line. All letters should be lower case. Not upper case. Make sure you put dots on your I and J letters. The letter K always gives us trouble, make sure the two pieces of the K connect to the main up-down line.

My top score here is 27 words.

You don't get a "speed" result with this one.

Brain Age Walkthrough

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