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Brain Age Walkthrough

Despite my many complaints about this game understanding "blue" and knowing the difference between 1 and 4, I really do enjoy it and play it quite a lot. It is testing real world skills for the most part, and knowing how to add / subtract quickly can make you a hero at the next dinner out. It's amazing how many people can't handle calculating a dinner bill any more :)

Basic Controls
Skill Speeds
Writing / Speaking Tips

Daily Training
Calculations x 20
Calculations x 100
Reading Aloud
Low to High
Syllable Count
Head Count
Triangle Math
Time Lapse

Brain Age Check
Stroup Test / Color Naming
Speed Counting
Number Cruncher
Word Memory
Connect Maze
Calculations x 20

Random Tests
Memory Tests
Drawing Tests

Other Features
Stamps and Unlocking Extras
Easter Eggs
Graphs and Charts

Brain Age Review

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