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Brain Age Walkthrough -
Connect Maze

I like this game. There are a bunch of circles on the screen. They have in them the numbers 1-13 and the letters A-M. You have to point to A, draw a line to 1, draw a line to B, and so on alternating between letters and numbers. There are two problems though, and both are due to poor design. First, your hand is hiding the numbers and letters!! You have to keep lifting your hand up to see what you are covering. They should have used both screens instead of having you drawing over the board.

Second, they put some of the circles really close together - but penalize you for hitting the wrong circle. I realize that they want to make sure you are actually connecting the items in order, but again this has to do with how they laid things out - they squish things in so sometimes it's really hard to get from one item to the other if a circle is "hidden" by a wall of other circles. They could have made smaller circles or more of them or had touched circles go away or *something* ...

My top score here is 31.21 seconds.

You don't get a "speed" result with this one.

Brain Age Walkthrough

Brain Age Review

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