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Brain Age Walkthrough -
Calculations x 20

I love this game, it is quick, easy, and is actually very useful. Any time you're at a restaurant or bar it comes in very handy to be able to do numbers quickly in your head.

All you do is write the numbers as quickly as you can on the right side as the calculations scroll on the left. Don't even wait to see the answer - just go on to the next one. If the game "pauses" you know either you did the calculation incorrectly or you wrote it poorly - hit ERASE quickly and re-do the question.

You get a 5 second penalty here for missed scores which can be very substantial since the game is so quick.

My top score here is 14.

Random speeds:
14 - jet speed
15 to 18 - train speed
21 to 28 - car speed
33 - bicycle speed
52 - walking speed

Brain Age Walkthrough

Brain Age Review

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