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Brain Age Walkthrough -
Reading Aloud

This is pretty straightforward - you get a block of text on your screen from classic literature (Legend of Sleepy Hollow etc.) and have to read it aloud. The thing is you have to read it as FAST as humanly possible, without all the pauses and breaks and empahsis that you would do if you were actually reading this to someone. I question what the real "brain skill" is here to read it quickly - you are being rewarded for slurring your words and just blurring them together into a giant heap. It would make more sense to judge you on how fast you read silently, if you're going for a reading speed test. This tests your air lung capacity rather than anything else :)

My top score here is 8.1 syllables / sec.

Random speeds:
7.6 syllables / sec - car speed
5.6 syllables / sec - car speed

Brain Age Walkthrough

Brain Age Review

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