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Brain Age Walkthrough -
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This is an interesting memorization game. You are shown four numbers in a grid, for only a split second of time. Let's say they show you this:


Then the numbers vanish. Now you must click on the empty grid, starting with the lowest number and moving up through the numbers. So you would click on the top right box, then the lower left box and so on. If you get 4 right, you are then shown a grid of 5 numbers and so on. If you fail at a grid, then they give you a new grid with 1 less number in it. Note that 4 is the lowest grid size they will give you.

The trick here is to NOT try to figure out the full pattern in your split second glimpse. Instead, just try to memorize the numbers. Then when they vanish, worry about where the 1 was, the 2 was and so on. Sometimes numbers will be missing of course, especially with the beginning grids. The memorizing system seems to work better than searching for the 1, then searching for the 2 and so on.

My top score here is 47.

Random speeds:
42 to 44 - train speed
31 to 40 - car speed
25 - bicycle speed

Brain Age Walkthrough

Brain Age Review

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