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Brain Age Walkthrough -
Time Lapse

You unlock this at 15 stamps. You are given two clocks and you have to determine how many hours and minutes elapse between the two. So say the first clock shows 12:00 and the lower clock shows 2:00. You say that is 2 hours, 0 minutes. Now the 2:00 clock becomes the top clock and a new clock appears at the bottom, perhaps 3:30. You would say that is 1 hour, 30 minutes later. You keep doing that.

You lose 20 seconds for a missed number so it's well worth taking your time and really figuring out what the difference is. I like this puzzle because it's a real world puzzle - we all deal with clocks and need to know about elapsed time and so on. It is a very good mental exercise.

My top score here is 1 min 24 sec.

Random speeds:
37 sec - rocket speed
1 min 3 sec - train speed
1 min 24 sec - train speed

Brain Age Walkthrough

Brain Age Review

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