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Brain Age Walkthrough -
Drawing Tests

Every once in a while, when you go in to do your daily training you'll get a drawing test. The game will give you 3 words, and you'll have to draw each one. Then it will show you ITS version of each drawing for you to compare, giving you a "hint" about how to draw that item. If someone else is playing on your system, it will ask them the same things to draw and then compare your drawings with each other! You can't go backwards through old drawings - it only remembers your drawings until the other player gets his/hers done, and then it goes on to a new trio.

What's funny is that they show their examples right-to-left (as in the item points to the left) where most people in the US draw left to right. Those silly Japanese do things backwards :)

Here are some trios we have had to draw so far.

kangaroo - remember the pouch
Australia - remember the "horns" (but they forgot Tasmania!!)
koala - remember the ears?

Africa - they forgot Madagascar! What do they have against islands?

Florida (again they forgot the Florida Keys)

Mona Lisa
The Thinker
King Tut

King Henry 8
Queen Elizabeth

sports car firetruck (Bob drew one without a ladder - they didn't say a "hook and ladder"!) train


swordfish - pointy nose
shark - big mouth
paramecium - cilia [Lisa says - I did well on the paramecium!!]


sea otter

hamburger - sesame seed bun [Lisa says - what, are they paid by McDonalds??]
ice cream sundae - cherry top
toilet - lid

Brain Age Walkthrough

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