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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
Basic Training

They do a GREAT job with atmosphere and environment with this introductory mission. It's Moscow, 1941 and it is FREEZING cold. On this raw December morning, you are new recruit Pvt Vasili I Koslov.

You're first told to go into the armory to get a weapon, when you miss getting one off the main table. Do so and return to the training area. Kill the teddy bears to help you calibrate your aim. Then move through killing dishes and helmets. Be sure to use the sights to help you aim. Bash the body a few times, then lob some potatoes. Don't zip through this area, these are all skills you're going to need. Make sure you get good at this basic skill set.

You're told there is a prisoner and you head to the armory. This is a checkpoint, i.e. a save spot that you'll return to if you die in a moment :)

OK, the attack starts without much preamble. Leap the wall, crouch under the next wall and enter the attack. There are TONS of noise here. Go into the trench and tunnel to the brick room, and get the submachine gun and grenades. Note that you can carry any 2 weapons, regardless of type.

Go up the ladder. Throw a smoke grenade, then wait. Go into the smoke and over to the other side. checkpoint. There's a tank there, shoot the enemies as they come out from it. When they're clear, move down the street shooting the enemies and staying under cover as much as possible. checkpoint.

Chase after the enemy, shooting them down. You have to find a way around a gate - go right, checkpoint. The barrels explode, as always. Work your way through the open area, taking cover and fighting. This is really a training mission so it's not TOO bad - it's helping you learn skills to use in the rest of the game.


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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