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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

Call of Duty 2 features amazing graphics, great AI for your teammates and enemies, and a nice ramp-up difficulty level that means both newbies and experienced players will find a challenge in here.

The Basics
basic keys

The Winter War
Basic Training

"Not One Step Backwards!"
Repairing the Wire
Railroad Station No. 1

Fortress Stalingrad
Downtown Assaults
Stalingrad City Hall
Comrade Sniper

The Battle of El Alamein
The Diversionary Raid
Holding the Line
Operation Supercharge
The End of the Beginning

The Tank Squadrons
Crusader Charge
"88 Ridge"

Rommel's Last Stand
Armored Car Escape
Retaking Toujane
Assault on Matmata

The Battle for Caen
Prisoners of War
The Crossroads
"The Tiger"
"The Bridade Box"

The Battle of Pointe du Hoc
Defending the Pointe
The Silo

Hill 400
"Rangers Lead the Way"
The Battle for Hill 400

Crossing the Rhine
The Crossing Point

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