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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
Downtown Assaults

It's Jan 2 1943 - the Germans are starving and running low on ammo. It's snowing and completely frigid at -44C.

You start in a little room. Go out and right, you see your team going around. Run forward down the street, shooting as you go at enemies. Blow up the barrel to the right.

As you get to the open building, go in and up the stairs for a nice vantage point. You're told to recapture the apartment buildings. You hear about an anti-tank weapon.

Take out the first building. Now there's a tank in the center - sneak around to get a bomb in the building. Then go to the tank and set the bombs. Go back up to the next section - checkpoint.

Jump over and go across the street to the other brick building. Toss a smoke grenade in, then go through and clear it out. checkpoint.

Now you're told to cover your friends. Shoot bad guys out the windows - just blast away. checkpoint.

A panzer tank comes - get away from the window. The tank blows open the whole corner of the building. Once it has, jump out through the hole to get to the panzer. Go along the right side. The panzer backs up into a corner. Go right and into the hole. Throw a smoke grenade to mask your movements. The tank goes around in circles, so chase it shooting out the enemies as you go. Finally you take it out.

Run for the city hall


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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