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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
Comrade Sniper

It's Jan 15 1943, snowing and -25C in Stalingrad.

You need to secure the west wing. Work your way along the building - you're told to get the sniper rifle. Next, look out the window - you're told to wait for the decoy. Watch the far buildiing. The sniper is in the center of 4th floor / top floor.

Kill the sniper - checkpoint. You're told to secure the rest of city hall. Go up the ladder. checkpoint.

Head in and carefully take out the enemies. Don't use the panzershrek right now. When you secure the building you get a checkpoint. Now you have to repulse four waves of enemies.

You'll hear the screams of the attackers. Take out the machine gun guys first, then the snipers and then the other guys. Just keep shooting. When your guys mention snipers, look for them and take them out. When the half track comes, take it out with heavier weaponry.

When this is done, you're completely done with the Russian set. You don't get any ratings, any medals, or anything else. I'd really like to at least get a rating page to replay for a higher accuracy or speed or whatever.


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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