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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
Holding the Line

It's Oct 29 1942 in El Alemein, Egypt. At a balmy 54F, your job now involves minefields. You need to find safe passages.

This begins as a riding mission. For a while you shoot away, then jump out - checkpoint. Run out towards the spotlight and get to the machine gun. Use it to blow up the incoming guys. There are TONS of guys that swarm in. After you kill a bunch - checkpoint.

Note that you're given some help here, you get more checkpoints as they swarm in at you. Your pals call out where the enemies are coming in from so you run to shoot from there.

In general, as the waves come, stay in trenches, stay low, focus and aim.

After a while you go over to the north side. There are more guys coming in. When indicated, go up to the roof. You'll see a star and 6 cannon symbols indicated. Go up the ladder.

Go look south, look through the binoculars and use the X button to call them. You'll start with two tanks, then a moving carrier, then more tanks on far right. There are also swarms of people coming in. Keep alert, another tank comes in near this. Checkpoint.

Mostly this is just about having sharp eyes and calling in help quickly. Once you finish them up, the good guy tanks come in.


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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