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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
Armored Car Escape

We're up to Tunisia, Mar 10 1943 1500 hrs. It's a toasty 85F. You're Sgt. John Davis. Apparently the jerries had left behind working supplies, so you're to hang out there and wait for the rest of the division.

Are you really outnumbered and outgunned? Let's find out. Go to the machine gun and hit X. Blast away for a while. Finally an armored car comes - run away from the window. Checkpoint, then watch the door behind you, because guys will come in so you can go out. Well, shoot them before you go.

Go down the stairs and get the guys in the entry room. Checkpoint. Pick up a Gewehr 43. Now head out and left towards the star / red dots on your map. The Gewehr is semi-auto and easier to use. Make sure you shoot the gunner off the top of the armored car. Then circle around counterclockwise, hugging the right side. Get to the armored car and wait, shootting any enemies that come to you.

Press x to get in, checkpoint.

You're now the gunner, rotate around and blast away. You'll be told where to shoot for emergencies. You'll get to a dead end and turn around. Keep blasting away.

You'll get to a point where you're kicked out - now you're on foot. Checkpoint. Shoot the bad guys, of course. Plow your way forward, shooting as you go. There's lots of in-box fighting. Soon it's relatively quiet and you curl around to the target spot.


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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