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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
Retaking Toujane

It's now Mar 11 1943 0820, and 81F. Your group is moving in to take Toujane. You are Sgt. John Davis.

When you start this area, you're riding on a tank - but the group is ambused. Checkpoint. Hop off and run forward to shoot. Blast your way through room by room going slowly and being careful. Don't race through, use cover and be cautious. You eventually hit a shooting gallery area with guys on a roof. You really can't outflank them - just take cover and pop out to take your shots.

Be VERY sure not to advance too quickly - go slowly, take out the enemy, stay with your group.

You'll get to a checkpoint. Climb up the ladder with the other guys. You now have 4 flak crews - follow everone else down a hole and over to a wall. You checkpoint at the combat area. Shoot the guys in the window.

Stay to the left and go in the building to flank them. When it's clear, you checkpoint. Work along to a star spot. Go along the left side of the building for best cover. When you take out everyone here, checkpoint.

Your tanks come through, and then sit waiting for you. Your tank takes out their tank - then a panzerscrek team shows up but is pretty much impossible to take out before they kill your tank. The pair seem to be momentarily invincible, very suspicious. Work around behind the blown up tank. Go to the next narrow alley to sneak down it.

Fight your way through, and you'll get an alert about a mosque. Checkpoint. Don't worry about rushing - you really can't get there in time to do anything productive. When you get up there, you're done.


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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