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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
Prisoners of War

It's June 11 1944 1430 hours. You're in Caumont France 68F. You've hit a stalemate, and are told to circle around the Panzers. You are, of course, Sgt. John Davis.

After frozen tundra and hot deserts, you are now in the grassy fields of France. How pastoral and peaceful ... not! You find enemies pretty quickly, stay low and shoot them down. Checkpoint.

Move forward to the hedges, stay low and shoot the enemy in the buildings. When you finish, 2 mortars are shown on the map. MacGregor takes out the machine gun - then you move forward. Stay to the right under cover and shoot away. Move into the building - checkpoint.

Head on up the stairs. Go across to the windows and shoot down into the open area. When it's clear, move across and into the building by the next star. Now that star is cleared. There's an open area full of enemies between you and the next star.

Go across slowly, shooting and taking cover as you go. As you cross the area you get a checkpoint to give you a hand.

You'll get to a spot with wounded Americans held by Germans - the Germans surrender and ask for help. You go back to almost the starting point in search of a truck. Of course you encounter some resistance along the way. When you reach the truck - checkpoint. You get a panzershrek. It's great to use because it auto-reloads. Now you drive along with him, fighting two sets of guys then a tank. Hit the tank a few times to take it out.

Soon you get back to the injured people.


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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