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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
The Crossroads

We're at June 12 1944 0720. The landscape is lovely near Anctoville France, and the temperature is 67F. Our job is to destroy a comm post and secure the crossroads.

The mission is in the rain, with some cool effects. Head on down the road, and of course you are ambushed. Go into the side building on the right with the open door and clear it out. Then work your way down towards the end building. When the tank shows up, up in the machine gun building is a panzershrek. You'll find this to be quite useful.

Head down to the crossroads with the panzershrek. There's a tank up ahead - "get behind something".

Shoot the tank down, and clear the crossroads area. Now backtrack to where the guys are all gathered. You'll have to clear out the area. checkpoint. One of your pals kicks in the gate. Work your way into the farmhouse full of bad guys.

Now it's time to search for enemy radios. Go out and around to the right to the back of the barn. Take out the bad guys there. Next go into the barn and clear it out.

Destroy the radio - checkpoint - Now enemies come in. Shoot out the windows at them. You get "now 5 remaining". What, is someone psychic to know this??

You'll do checkpoints during waves, to help you out. Go up to the upper gun about halfway through.the invasion set. Soon planes come in, the place is just solid noise. Finally you're told to escort the convoy to safety. checkpoint.

Regroup with your pals at the crossroads.


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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