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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
"The Tiger"

We skip forward to June 12 1944 - 1320 hrs. The place, near St. Louet, France. The temperature? 68F. Apparently it's slow progress. You still have 15 miles to St. Louet, and you know the enemy is ahead.

You begin with letters A to E on the map. You can do these in any order but must do all 5. Usually it's best to do these in order :)

A tiger tank appears quickly. Run forward and right to a safe nook. Shoot out the guards then backtrack a little to a break in the right wall. checkpoint. Go in to the building and kill the soldiers in it. Move up the stairs, and clear the building out. checkpoint. Go out - you're told to go up the alley on the right. Shoot ahead as you go, then go into the building. Work your way through the rooms. Move up the stairs, taking out more guys. When you clear the building - checkpoint.

You're now at the town hall (A) dead ahead. You get several checkpoints as you get close to it. This is a hazardous area, go in slowly. Finally after careful shooting and covering you clear the whole thing out. Now you're heading for the post office. Go down and follow with your group as they move out. checkpoint. Shoot the group of Germans ahead of you. Hand grenades work well here. One gunner is up in a window. After you blast them away, checkpoint.

Work your way along to the nice brick building full of Germans - grenade and shoot them out.

OK now you have 3 spots left to take on. Bells start ringing. When you clear out all the enemies, the bells stop and C is done. This was the flak on the way to the church. Now get into a building by the church - checkpoint - go to the windows and shoot out.

Take out the church - now only E is left. Go along with your group as instructed, along the road and behind the buildings. Creep along, sniping the enemies as you go. Go into the building and clear it out of its massive enemy pile. It's pretty easy otherwise to clear that out.


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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