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Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough
The Battle of Pointe du Hoc

I'm sure every single person who knows WW2 has memorized every move of D-Day :) You get some stirring historic video before you launch into your own small but vital part in this battle.

June 5, 1944 2100 hours. You're on the HMS Amsterdam, playing Corporal Bill Taylor, D Company, 2nd Ranger Bn.

You're responsible for taking on the coastal guns. Don't expect this to be easy though. Everybody knows this beach was pure death. You don't even make it out of the launch before you're knocked down an dthen dragged for a while. Run left along the wall towards the gold star on your compass. You get to a rope and press X to climb up it. Bodies fall down towards you - keep going. You get several checkpoints along the way including up at the top of the rope.

You're now at a series of wooden trenches. You run along the first one. Turn left at the T and shoot hte enemies as you go. Stay down in the trench. When you get to the end, jump out and head towards the nearest machine gun nest. Shoot the gunner, jump down into the trench and work your way along it, shooting the Germans. They're pretty nice about coming along at you one by one.

Stop in the concrete bunker to clear it out, being sure to go down the stairs to the nook behind it.

Continue west with your pals. You hear about "fire for effect" here. Checkpoint as a bunch of explosions go out. Head into the little village area. You can use the 30 cal there if you wish. Work your way building by building, clearing out each one as you go. There really aren't hordes of enemies in here, so it's not too bad to go slowly, pick off the enemy of the moment, and move on to the next area.

You do find some nice machine gun spots in windows to sit and blast away, if that's your idea of fun.

Now follow Sergeant Randall as you run down the road to the guns. You have to blast them with your grenades. Go to each star - 4 in all - and get close to them to set the grenade. Then you go back and meet everybody at the roadblock.

Go along the outside of the field, shooting as you go, throwing grenades when you see groups of bad guys in nice little clumps. Go into the stone house and through it. Note that you can't go "around" the house if you wish to progress. Follow the group and get to a gate, which your friends blow open. Once you get through that gate you get 3 stars - 3 bunkers - for you to take.

Grenades work very well for the bunkers - run up to one, lob in a grenade, and then clean up whoever is left over. If you stay down in the wooden tunnels you're able to avoid a lot of random fire. If you go near to far, the third bunker is really nasty. There's 2 machine guns to the lower left and a bunch of guys to the lower right. If you go around the back side and from up there lob down grenades, that can help you clear out most of the problem.

"Located Pointe du Hoc" call out your friends.


Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough

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