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Everything or Nothing Walkthrough
A Long Way Down

You learn about Katya Nadanova Phd. You're on a mission in Egypt, and you get a Porshe hum-v and a new gun

You start with a video of blowing up things. Bond is rappelling down and gets launched into a fight.

Go forward and left to the tunnel. Go into the tunnel area and hit the lever on the right. This puts steam up and gives a 007 moment. Go to the vent and drop the charge in it. You see an explosion.

Now get armor on the right behind a barrel. Jump off the front of the building.

Now you have to dodge fire and platforms. Stop on the platforms to shoot enemies. At the 3rd platform, go in to the rooms for a rocket launcher and get another armor behind the wall to left. Shoot the 2 guys hanging on the right. Go out that way.

Go down twice to armor. Now you go down to 'shut off flame vents'. Hit the lever on the left for steam for a 007 moment.

When all of the enemies are dead, go to the button on the silver pipe to shut off the vents.

When you do this, more enemies come down. Shoot them as they do. Go back under the building and shoot the guys in amongst the boxes. There's an armor on the right. Go out the other end.

Now go off the front, down towards the H helicopter area. You see a scene of landing in glass. Next, you see the female doctor being loaded on a train.

Everything or Nothing Walkthrough

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