James Bond - Everything or Nothing

James Bond - Everything or Nothing
In a sure sign that video games are as powerful as movies, the latest James Bond game has all the actors, all the action, all the effects - and isn't based on a movie!

Perfect for fans of New Orleans, a lot of the story takes place in that historic city of Louisiana. James Bond has the fast cars, the sexy, intelligent women, and the self assured skills that get him out of any jam.

All the actors and actresses are here, and it makes a HUGE difference to hear John Cleese, Judi Densch, Pierce Brosnan and all the other voices speaking to you while you play. The likenesses are all very accurate too, so it really is like playing a movie.

Where some previous Bond games were more like Rambo, this one is pure Bond. You get special bonus points for doing a special Bond Move where you defeat your enemies with a brilliant strategy instead of just blasting them. It's more Splinter Cell rather than Unreal II.

The graphics are great, with little spider robots, slick cars, well done smoke and fire and other atmospheric effects. You really do feel like you're in a movie and not looking at a texture-mapped building.

Gameplay is great, too. The enemies show some amazing AI in sequences. It might get a little used to the gameplay style, but stick with it. After a few hours of the learning curve (which a well done training level works you through) you will be totally immersed in this world.

Replayability is just amazing, too. You go through once to get the basic idea of the level. But then you keep going through aiming for those Bond moments, and trying to ratchet your score up by doing it quickly and accurately. If you're able to get on Platinum Level in all missions, you unlock new bonusses.

Everyone I know who has seen and played this game loves it, and we ourselves are quite addicted to it right now. There are stealth missions, driving missions, shooting missions, even ride-and-shoot missions. The cut scenes are great, too!

I definitely rate this one a must-buy for any fan of the Bond series, and for any action gamer in general. Enjoy!!

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