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Everything or Nothing Walkthrough
Sand Storm

You get the female doctor and see the helicopter fly off. Of course, you fly after the helicopter in one of your own. It's a flying mission.

Follow the twisting river, and use missiles on the various targets your pass. L1 releases flares if they fire at you.

You get a 007 moment past the waterfall to blow up the bridge. Next head through the big arch.

Follow the helicopter through buildings. 'get to the base!' you're told, and it's time to eliminate the general. He taunts you (of course). You get a 007 moment to go through the hole in wall that you make with missiles.

OK, now you're out into the sunshine. The base comes up with shields. You have to shoot 3 corners to take out the shields. Blast away with your missiles to take them out then the central tower.

You drop the doctor off, and she gives one of the nanobots to a guy. It turns out Bond killed the guy's mentor (back in Moore's last film on the Golden Gate bridge, he was a Nazi WW2 experiment). This is 'Nikolai Diabolo'.

Katia says, "you'll have everything you desire." He responds, "yes Katia, everything or nothing."

And, of course, Jaws comes out of the train.

Everything or Nothing Walkthrough

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