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Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough:
Getting Started

This revamped game has a cool intro video that obviously wasn't part of the original release :) You see the group of brave adventurers run from town. When you take over, you have a quick fight and are defeated. You're then rescued by rebels.

You offer to join them, and are told no. However, you're welcome to stay in Altair. Retalk to the Princess to learn the password is Wild Rose. Memorize it. You learn that captives are being held in Fynn.

You are still missing Leon. Talk to Mindu to her left - she says to go to Fynn. Find the King in a room to the right - he says his daughter Hilda has taken over the army because he (the King) was hurt by an arrow.

There's a potion in a chest to the left of the cafeteria. Don't you feel guilty raiding the chests of your host??

Head south and out of the building. There's a shop in the southwest corner of town. Head out of town to Gatrea. They say Fynn castle is aross the lake. That it's very well guarded. There's an inn and bar here. Note that you can't save in town, you must be in the wilderness. Why - because the town is just too safe and quiet? :)

Also be sure to learn ice before you go out adventuring. You need it in your first dungeon.

Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough

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