Final Fantasy Origins - FF1 and FF2

Final Fantasy Origins - FF1 and FF2
Final Fantasy Origins is a new release for the Playstation that lets you enjoy the fun of the original NES Final Fantasy game (8-bit) plus Final Fantasy 2, which was only released in Japan.

To begin with, the original Final Fantasy, which has spawned an empire and MMORPG. Its roots were pretty basic, but many gamers remember fondly their first adventures in Final Fantasy with those cute 8 bit graphics.

Your classic group of fighter, thief, black mage and white mage are out to rescue a princess and save the world. Each character in your group has his (or her) own skills and grows in experience and levels as the game progresses.

The graphics have been revamped up to a level that appears to fall between 16-bit and 32-bit on the classic scales. Some find this an improvement, but some miss that old-style look. The sound's improvements are generally loved, giving a reasonably good background to the game.

Final Fantasy 2 was only released in Japan. This game doesn't set you up with four set character types - instead, you get four 'teammates' and then can choose to specialize to match your gameplay. If you're a magic lover, have most of them cast spells, and that's what they'll get good at. Fighter-types can build up a formidable combat team!

Newly created videos help get you into each game, giving new faces and realism to each adventure.

A must-have for any Final Fantasy fan that wants to enjoy each stage of this fantastic game's development.

Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 1 Screenshots
Final Fantasy 2 Screenshots

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