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Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough:
Finn and Mythril

Cross the bridge to the west and head around the lake to the west and north. Enter - this is Fynn.

In Fynn, avoid touching the soldiers. They kill you immediately. Note there are monster encounters in town too. So go around and dodge the soldiers - they don't chase you. Nobody is in the shops right now. The soldiers are blocking the inn, and you can't go in the castle.

Go north past the trees and then right along the wall to go down to the pub. Go in and again avoid the soldiers. Go around the room's edge to the bartender. Say "Wild Rose" to him. Now go further right to the secret tunnel.

There's an injured soldier in here. There's also Potion x 3 in the chests. Tell him Wild Rose. It turns out he's Scott, Prince Scott. He wants you to tell a message to his brother Gordon. Count Borghen is a traitor. He loves Hilda.

Maria says Leon is my brother. Scott gives you a ring. Then he dies. How sad! The ring lets you see the world map.

Now head back out to the first town. Go up to the right - find Gordon. Show him the ring. He says thank you. Now go in and talk to Hilda. Show the ring to Hilda. She lets you keep the ring. She says she wants you to find Mythril. Memorize the word. She says to go to Salamand with Mindu.

A guy in the room says Paloom is to east, but need a canoe. Now talk to Mindu. She offers you her Canoe. How convenient! She joins your party. You get a Canoe too.

Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough

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