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Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough:
Learning about Sunfire

OK, head back to meet up with Cid. Hire him to go to Bask for 100 gil.

Now you're in Bask. There's a guy by himself down south. Follow him around south and west to some stairs. Go in. First north for a long sword. Now around to the left for a longbow. Down some stairs. There's a guy at the end - a Dark Knight. He leaves, and you see Borghen who leaves too. Follow them out. Now a Giant Dreadnought leaves.

Go back in the cave and head east. There's a door to the north. Open the chest - Pass. Further east - warp spot.

Trek your way back down to Altair. You see damage everywhere. Ask Cid about the airship to learn they run on Sunfire as you head back down to Altair. Mindu leaves the group. Say sunfire. You learn this is Kas'ion's symbol. Maybe Sunfire can destroy it.

Go to Kas'ion. Dad says sunfire can be carried with Egil's Torch. He gives you Goddess Bell's password. The princess says Josef might be able to help you.

Get back to Josef. He joins you and says the blue rock marks a secret door. Go to the blue rock and face the east wall at the top. He'll open it up for you. Go in to the chest and get Snowcraft. This lets you cross snowy fields!

OK, back to town and make sure someone else learns life! Now head west again and north to the white snow fields. Ride the little ice-boat east and north to the cave.

Final Fantasy 2 Walkthrough

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