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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

Kingdom Hearts 2 is a great sequel - it involves a lot of the same characters and locations as Kingdom Hearts 1, but brings in more complexity in the storyline. Note that I did a TON of typing during this walkthrough, trying to catch every bit of dialogue because there is so much. I might have missed a few phrases; my fingers only move so quickly :)

Note that I also have the Kingdom Hearts 1 Walkthrough Online

Voice Cast Listing

Getting Started
Introductory Cut-Scenes
Twilight Town - Day 1
Exploring Twilight Town
Seifer and Sand Lot
Sora and Day 2 Start

Twilight Town
Help Wanted Chores
Making a Beach
Meeting Namine
Station of Calling
Remainder of Day 3
Struggle Challenge
Kairi and Sora
Red Guy Revalation
Day 5 - Making Plans
First Six Wonders
The Seventh Wonder
Getting to 97%
Day 6 - Getting to Mansion
In the Mansion
Getting to the Intro Logo!!

Sora's Story
Getting Started
Getting to the Train
At the Tower

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