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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
Dead Meat

The guy you took the photos of now needs to die. Go pick him up at the deli, because he hasn't been paying his protection money. Take him down behind the police station - there's a sawmill there. He stands underneath the saw, you hit the ON button and he goes running away.

Now you have a hatchet and you have to sneak up behind him. He'll crouch and hide, you have to target him, sneak up behind him and hit him. It takes 3 or 4 good hits. You can get them all at once if you're good, or go repeatedly if you need to.

Once he is chopped up, he is turned into sausage. You now have to deliver this sausage back to his deli. Ick!! You'll be in the truck with 2 stars - lose them and the stars. When you get back, mission is over.

Income: $500

GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

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