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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
It's fairly clear to EVERYONE that the GTA series is not for kids. It is full of swearing, violence, sex, and just about every other vice you can name. Just to make that clear!

That being said, GTA Liberty City Stories is an *awesome* game for the mature set. The graphics are incredible. The soundtrack is incredible. I love the gameplay and epic storyline. For anybody who loves the Godfather movies and Goodfellas, as well as the Sopranos, this is the perfect game for you.

Key Controls
General Notes

Vincenzo (V)
Coming Home to Poppa
Dealing Revenge
Smash and Grab
Hot Wheels
The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

J.D. O'Toole (J)
Bone Voyeur!
Don in 60 Seconds
A Volatile Situation
Blow Up "Dolls"
Salvatore's Salvation
The Guns of Leone
Calm Before the Storm
The Made Man

Mama Cipriani (C)
Snappy Dresser
Big Rumble in Little China
Grease Sucho
Dead Meat
No Son of Mine

Maria (M)
Shop 'Til You Stop
Taken For a Ride
Booby Prize
Biker Heat
Overdose of Trouble

Salvatore Leone (S)
The Offer
Ho Selecta!
Rollercoaster Ride
Sindacco Sabotage
The Trouble with Triads
Driving Mr Leone

Salvatore Leone on Staunton Island (S)
A Walk In the Park
Making Toni
Caught in the Act
Search and Rescue
Taking the Peace
Shoot the Messenger

Salvatore Leone on Shoreside Vale (S)
Rough Justice
Dead Reckoning
Shogun Showdown
The Shoreside Redemption
The Sicilian Gambit

Don Love (D)
The Morgue Party Candidate
Steering the Vote
Friggin' the Riggin'
Love and Bullets
Counterfeit Count
Love on the Rocks

Don Love on Shoreside Vale (D)
Panlantic Land Grab
Stop the Press
Morgue Party Resurrection
Love on the Run

Confessional Missions (Bell Symbol)
L.C. Confidential
The Passion of the Heist
False Idols

8-Ball Missions (Ball Symbol)
No Money, Mo' Problems
Bringing the House Down

Mcaffrey Missions (R)
Sayonara Sindaccos
The Whole 9 Yardies
Crazy 69
Night of the Livid Dreads
Munitions Dump

Toshiko Missions (T)
More Deadly than Male
Cash Clash
A Date with Death
Cash in Kazuki's Chips

Side Missions
Car Dealership
Trash Dash
Low Rider Rumble
Noodle Delivery
Ambulance Missions
Taxi Missions
Firefighter Missions
Police Missions
Pizza Missions
Avenging Angel Missions

Map Locations / Game Items
Weapon Locations
Armor Locations
Health Locations
Car Types and Locations
Character Rankings
Hidden Packages
Bribes (stars)
Clothing Options

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