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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
A Volatile Situation

JD says he's busy, but advises you to go check out the casino - that it might be getting blown up. Hop into a vehicle and drive on out there.

When you get there, you get a call from JD that the Sadakos are on their way. You start following a red triangle on the screen to track them down. When you take this group out, another car comes along. If any make it to the front door, they plant a bomb and blow up the place. It takes 2 actual bombs before you fail.

One strategy is to create some roadblocks by grabbing cars and setting them up in the streets, to force the bombers to get out of their car and you can shoot them.

Once you stop the waves of bombers, a truck will come. Jump into it and drive it until the safe bar fills up. Then jump out and run away - it'll blow up harmlessly.

Income: $1,000

GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

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