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GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
Hot Wheels

Vinnie tells you to get his car. Go grab it and take it to the lock-up. It's a little sports car. As soon as you move, cops show up and you've got three stars. You have to get rid of three stars, the paint-and-spray works quite nicely for this.

Three stars are nasty - they blow out your tires and all sorts of stuff. Be prepared knowing where the escape route is. Once you clear it, you hvae to take it to the lock-up. This is between your house and your mother's house. When you pull up, you get a cell phone call. You guys yell at each other, and you decide to screw him by taking his car to the junkyard.

Drive the car down there and have it crushed. That's the end of the mission. Your V disappears after this of course! You do get $113 in salvage value :) They tell you that you can bring in more cars and get cash for them.

Income: $0

GTA Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

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