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Metal Gear Solid 4 Online Walkthrough
Sneaking Mission

This is the classic "Snake vs Everyone" fight with a twist that reflects the nature of MGS4. While the old Sneaking Mission mode from MGS3's online mode was Snake sneaking in to grab something and get out while evading the other players (who were guards), Sneaking Mission in MGS4's online mode has Snake sneaking through what is essentially a Team Deathmatch. Most of the players in the game are on Red and Blue teams, like a normal TDM. One player is Snake, and if the game is large enough another player plays as the Metal Gear Mk. II to support Snake.

Snake's goal is to knock out three enemies and steal their dogtags. To do this, use a tranq gun or CQC to knock the enemy unconscious, then go over to them, crouch down, and press triangle to pat them down. If Snake dies, he loses his dogtags and must start over. Thus, the goal is to pick off enemies who have strayed away from the main battle and steal their tags before their comrades - or enemies - notice you.

To help with this, Snake has OctoCamo. The same as in MGS4's main game, OctoCamo will blend into the background and provide you with a "camouflage index". However, the camouflage index serves a more direct purpose here - camouflage literally makes you transparent; the more camouflaged you are, the more transparent you are. Remember to equip the mask so you can get the maximum amount of camouflage cover. However, Snake's shadow is always visible, so try to stay in the shade where your shadow is not present. Hide in a corner of the map and wait for enemies to pass you; then, when you're sure it's safe, take them out. Use tunnels and vents to get around without being spotted. Stay low and don't run around out in the open. Patience is key here; a proper Sneaking Mode game will have a long time limit so Snake can move properly and not be forced out into the open by a short time span. When you go after an enemy, it helps to use a chaff grenade to short out everyone's radar. This serves two purposes: first, when you shake loose a set of dogtags, they're normally highlighted on the map. Chaff grenades get rid of the map, and thus your location remains secure. Furthermore, chaff grenades destroy radios, too, which means that even if you're spotted your enemies can't communicate your location to each other and hunt after you. Your pattern should be as follows: hide - wait - attack - chaff -dogtags - repeat. If you can be patient and stay low, you should meet with success.

The Metal Gear Mk. II is useful for both detection and taking down enemies. When playing as the Mk. II, your role is to support Snake. Press X to activate stealth camouflage; this has no time limit on it, and it's a major necessity. The Mk. II's movement is somewhat constrained; it takes a long time to go up stairs, can't fall a certain height (it just won't go), and can't use ladders. When playing as Snake, be aware of these constraints on your helper. The Mk. II's main weapon is its stunning tendril. This is only effective on targets who are standing still, so use it when you've come up behind an unwary sniper or something similar. It's also good for taking down an enemy without Snake having to reveal himself. As the Mk. II, there are a few roles you can fulfill: you can act as a lookout for Snake, and report when enemies are nearby so that he knows whether or not it's safe to go after a target; you can act as a scout and move ahead to see if an area is occupied by enemies and take out stragglers with your stunner; you can even go completely away from him and take out enemies in another area of the map to serve as a distraction so that enemies will think he's near you. The main thing that will give you away is your shadow and the noise you make when you roll, so be aware of that; you don't have a lot of HP, and even though you're a small, fast target, people concentrating their fire will take you out of the game. If you die as the Mk. II, you're out of commission until you rotate the control sticks enough to restore your life.

When hunting Snake and the Mk. II, stay in groups. Don't travel alone, or they'll get you for sure. Always travel with at least one teammate. If you get tranquilized, or held up, your teammate will need to rescue you and stop Snake from taking your tags. Communicate with your team if you're under attack, and if you see someone on your map or SOP network get tranquilized or knocked down a good portion of your team should immediately go to rescue them. You also have to worry about the enemy team, so don't focus entirely on Snake, but realize that he is around. If you notice a suspicious shadow, an unnatural shape in the grass, or a moving column of dust (signifying the Mk. II's rolling) don't be afraid to start shooting at it and call for backup if you hit something. The key to winning as a PMC in Sneaking Mode is to stay alert and stay with a buddy.

Metal Gear Online Walkthrough
Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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