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Metal Gear Solid 4 Online Walkthrough
Weapons - Other Weapons

The shield is a bulletproof barrier that has limited, but specific, uses. Crouch-run with it held out in front of you to cover your body. There is a specific use for the shield that has its basis in real-world close quarters combat. When you and a group of your allies are going to move into a building, lead the charge with the shield and have your allies use SMGs and shotguns. The shield will deflect the initial hits on you, allowing your allies to fan out and take them down (instead of being shot up while everyone's stuck in the doorway). It's a specific item for specific occasions, so don't make it a main weapon or anything.

The RPG is available for 10000 Drebin Points im DP mode only. It's a rocket launcher that fires a large explosive charge in a straight line. It will bust open defensive positions across long range, but leaves a huge trail of obvious smoke. It's an all-out weapon - if you use it, it'll do a lot of damage, but there's no chance of stealth except for the first attack.

The M60 is a heavy support weapon available for 5000 Drebin Points. It functions like a large, heavier assault rifle with a huge magazine. Use automatic fire only against large groups of enemies out in the open; otherwise, use burst fire. Try to stay prone or kneeling to maximize your accuracy. The M60 should maintain heavy fire on suspected enemy positions so that the enemy is afraid to come out and shoot and your allies can move around less impeded.

Metal Gear Online Walkthrough
Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough

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