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Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough:
Riding Out the Storm

riding out the storm. on the train. break cases to get good weapon. now go along train - 2 guys here. STG-44. Jump on boxes to use cannon to shoot out train riding on side.

Forward to next area. 2 sleeping guys. Forward again. 2 guys in 3rd car. Next area - panzershreck. Now it gets dangerous.

Grenade the next tank area. There's bad guys ahead and another train to the right. 2 grenades do the trick there.

Now over the tank, past machine guns and past the next tank. Shoot the guy in the next cab. In this cab is another gun but now there's nobody to shoot.

Next door - 3 guys. Next car has half-healing kit on right. Next car - radio area. Shoot the radio - thing with red buttons. Nxet door - another tank. Use 2 grenades on the train to your right.

Forward to the doors. 2 guards in here. A third one comes up from forward. Another car with a gun in it. Dn't shoot your own train!!

Finally you get to a car with the main guy. "Kill Him!" Shoot the guards here. You get Sturmgeist's briefcase. Open the door, he laughs and says "Enjoy the Walk". Mission end.

Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough

Medal of Honor Frontline Review

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