Medal of Honor Frontline

Medal of Honor Frontline
Medal of Honor Frontline lets PS2 players enter the gritty world of World War 2 combat. From the first action-packed assault on the beaches of Normandy, you know you're in for a wild ride.

Easily, the most impressive thing about this game is the way is TOTALLY involves you in what it was like to be a soldier in WW2. When you start out with your small group taking a boat up to the beaches of Normandy, you have bullets whizzing past you, the ground shaking as shells hit, enormous noise and confusion, and your captain trying to yell commands over it all.

If you don't yet have your PS2 hooked up to a good stereo system, *do it*. This game shows off just how amazing an experience a PS2 game can be! In addition to the barrage of sound, you have a good soundtrack to make the game feel like a movie. The voices around you are done well - the Germans speak German and sometimes you get subtitles. The ambient noises are great - whether you're walking down a village street or prowling the depths of a submarine, it feels like you are there.

The PS2 is generally the lowest graphics available compared to the XBox or PC, but they did a good job with this one. Yes, there is a bit of blockiness involved still, but in general the characters move, the engines work, the villages feel like you are really there. The textures, outfits and attention to detail really show.

There are enough WW2 buffs out there that they had to do their research. People would have complained if the uniforms were wrong or guns were in appropriate. Again, it's great to play a game and know what you are seeing because it's right, not just because the manual claims so.

Probably the only complaint we have with this is that it's single player only. In fact, while some of our testers were enjoying Frontline, the others were in the other room, playing Battlefield 1942 online. There really isn't any teamwork in this game, it's all "you go and clear the nest" or "you go infiltrate the sub". It's a real shame, with so much of the draw of WW2 being the amazing teamwork that went on.

Still, a great, fun game to play. We can only hope that the next iteration will bring multiplay gameplay to this great engine.

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