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Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough:
Enemy Mine

The challenge here is to stay alive - all you do is roll down a mine cart, like a rollercoaster. The key is to shoot all barrels you see and then snipe anyone left over.

Hills of Gotha 27 Sept

grab ammo - healing pack but why?? :)

bask door

barrel on right - 2 guys.

guys left - barrel

forward - barrel. turn right.


light ara. barrels extra guy forward. another one.

next platform barrels

one guy to right by door.

big area now. 1 guy on bridge, barrels. barrels on left by water.

fast stretch. next open area with broekn bridge. guy up top.

next area with cart above. shoot guy up left and one up right.

reload when you can

one guy in entrance to left.

high area now. barrels on right. more guys right then left.

fast stretch. platform on left.


2:58 time total.

Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough

Medal of Honor Frontline Review

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